HiRes-Lorie_Marrero-0028-EditCoaching & Consulting

I offer consulting & coaching services by request on a case-by-case basis, with a free 15-minute consultation for us to both ascertain if this is the right solution for you. Here’s my definition of what this means:

Consulting happens when I provide you my concentrated perspective and answer your questions about what you’re trying to achieve. People consult with me about improving their media skills and public image, increasing their productivity in the workplace, organizing their homes and offices, managing spokesperson relationships, and boosting their careers as an expert, author or speaker.

Coaching happens when we agree to work together for a period of time, talking regularly on a call or video meeting, and I provide perspective and accountability to the goals you set during our conversations. People do coaching with me to make progress, gain clarity, climb out of a rut, recover from a setback, or extend a consulting relationship toward results over time.

Please contact us at info at clutterdiet dot com or call Brandi Hockaday at 512-498-9800 x71 to set up a time for us to talk.